Hey, Nice to Meet You.

Respect is the basis of my work. I will create a comfortable and safe space where we can shoot.
From shooting to editing, I will try to put all my knowledge and energy into it. In this way, the photos you receive are really what you were looking for.

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The most important thing is to know how to connect with people, being patient, dedicating your time to each story and managing to portray it with respect and care.

I am a professional photographer and also create audiovisual content. I am a camerawoman at the video production company MALEZAA.

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Photography Styles

“Each person requires their time, each subject is unique and the connection is the most important”

— Portrait

“With the right equipment, dedication, creativity and patience”

— Product

“It's about being present and capturing that special moment that will last forever”

— Wedding

“Navigating the terrains and challenges of the road trip, entering into the emotional choreography of human relationships.”


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