I am a Colombian photographer based in Berlin, working as a freelance photographer. 

My commercial trajectory includes photojournalism and event photography, as well as fashion and portrait series.

My Work

During my pre-graduate studies in photography at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin. 
I have focused on the visual study and documentation of the subjects most relevant to me personally. I am heavily eager to nurturing my passion for all fields of creativity.

Apart from my work in the field of documentary photography, I am currently occupied as a freelance photographer, doing private commissions for clients such as Yinkana JewelryOmar MassaPerotá ChingóSicilian Spirit, Darlin Duke, among others.

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Testimonials from Clients

"Great photos and great energy! Very relaxed atmosphere to work with. Talented and professional. Thank you very much Camila!."

-Omar Massa

"What an amazing person to work with! Really recommend her and I am very happy with the result! Not only great at lighting and technique but also at giving a professional guidance to the models in order to achieve a beautiful image composition. Very patient. Quick and good at communicating! Would do it again any day ! Gracias Camila."

-Elle Fontaine

In the framework of Berlin Circus Festival, I have worked for several years with Camila. She's absolutely amazing: a truly gifted, hard working and detail oriented photographer all the while being humble, incredibly warm and super professional. I can most highly recommend her and invite you to check out her pictures and impressions on our instagram page @berlincircusfestival


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FEMALE PHOTOCLUB raises awareness of the demands of the photographic industry. Especially in fields such as advertising and photojournalism. 

They give visibility to women photographers and draw attention to their perspectives.

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