Dive begins with the fascination of water. I have embarked on several trips in which looking for rivers, seas, and waterfalls becomes part of the routine.

Just like life itself, passions intertwine, and my admiration for women began to grow through photography. In every moment of conversation, I learned, allowed myself to be guided by new stories, and drew inspiration. Traveling also taught me the art of listening.

With each portrait, I realized that I wanted to delve deeper into each person, avoiding anything superficial, and aspiring to capture the intimacy of a portrait. After my journeys, I pursued studies in photography in Berlin and was fortunate enough to undertake a free project at the university. It's a significant responsibility when you have all the options, and you are the sole decision-maker. I wasn't quite sure how to start; the concept of something as vast as a "free project" distressed me.

On that same day, I went for a swim, diving in to clear my mind and seek clarity. Submerged in the pool, I witnessed floating bodies, a dance of movements, beauty, and there I found my project.

To float, to let oneself be carried away by the current, to wash away sweat, fears, worries, and also to express gratitude. We need to take care of our planet because water is what keeps us alive. A survival instinct that transforms into the sheer pleasure of living and diving.

The dance of the floating bodies.

It might seem "trivial" to seek beauty without a deeper explanation. However, on that day, as I attempted to hold my breath for as long as possible, I discovered exactly what I had been searching for. That's how DIVE came into existence—arising from an angst that needed cleansing and fueled by my passions for both water and women.

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