I am a Colombian photographer based in Berlin, working as a freelance photographer. Focusing on immersive documentary photography, I make use of my fixation and skill in composition, as well as my human-oriented interaction with subjects, to make imagery and discuss self-definition in the scopes of gender, ecology, and socio-historical relationships. 
My commercial trajectory includes photojournalism and event photography, as well as fashion and portrait series.

My Work

During my pre-graduate studies in photography at the University of Applied Sciences Europe in Berlin, I have focused on the visual study and documentation of the subjects most relevant to me personally. I am heavily eager to nurturing my passion for all fields of creativity.

Apart from my work in the field of documentary photography, I am currently occupied as a freelance photographer, doing private commissions for clients such as Yinkana JewelryOmar MassaPerotá ChingóSicilian Spirit, ALETIK, among others.

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